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Maintenance of automatic sauce filling machine

Dec 18, 2018

1, keep the whole machine dry, regular maintenance and inspection, regular cleaning sauce filling machine parts, such as sauce separator filter, filter element must release mineral oil, and then blow dry with compressed air.


2. Regularly check that the oil in the filling mist is kept to one third of the cup, and the sealing rings on the discharge piston and the lower end of the discharge cylinder of the sauce filling machine should be replaced in time after wearing out.


3. Avoid sharp and hard objects from scratching the machine when cleaning the sauce filling machine. If there is any pollution, please wipe the machine with alcohol to keep the machine body stainless steel smooth and clean.


4. Strictly follow the operating instructions and do not remove important parts without permission. For example, if the cylinder is greased before delivery, do not open the cylinder or add any lubricating oil