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Matters needing attention in operation of automatic liquid filling machine

Dec 14, 2018

1. Keep the pipeline of liquid filling machine clean.All pipelines, especially those in direct or indirect contact with materials, should be kept clean. They should be cleaned weekly, watered daily and sterilized every time.Ensure that the filling machine is clean, its material tank to scrub and sterilization, ensure that the parts in contact with the material are not fouling and bacteria.


2. Ensure the biological stability of bottled liquid during the production process.Good control of sterilization time and temperature, to ensure that the final effect, to avoid the sterilization time is too long or temperature is too high, reduce the liquid oxidation, as soon as possible after the sterilization to cooling temperature is not more than 35 ℃.


3. Low temperature filling is the minimum requirement for liquid filling. Generally, liquid is not easy to foam in low temperature environment, which is conducive to filling.


4 before filling machine work every time, with 0 ~ 1 ℃ water filling machine tank and pipeline temperature is reduced, when filling temperature of 4 ℃ should be after lowering the temperature in the filling operation.The use of heat preservation tank, constant temperature irrigation, so that the material in the specified time of filling to maintain a certain constant temperature, so as not to cause the filling machine due to temperature changes too much and work instability.


5. The filling equipment should be isolated from other equipment as far as possible. The lubricating part of the filling machine and the filling material should be prevented from cross-contamination.