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Mixing pastry dough making

Sep 26, 2019

Mixing pastry dough refers to the use of oil, flour, eggs, sugar, salt as raw materials, the use of mixer or egg mixer and other mixing equipment, through the corresponding mixing method for mixing, finally using scraper, scraper and other tools, for kneading dough, made into a dough.

The stirring methods are sugar oil stirring and powder oil stirring.

Sugar oil mixing method is to mix sugar powder and grease together and then add eggs, flour and other raw materials to mix evenly into a ball.

This method is one of the most common methods of mixing pastry dough.

It can be used to make mixed pastry, such as tower, pie, pie and biscuits.

Powder oil mixing method is to mix flour and grease together, until the oil and flour are fully mixed, then add sugar powder, egg and other raw materials to mix evenly into a ball.

Mixed pastry prepared by mixing flour and oil, used in meat batch (pie), small tower, row, etc., can be made with special requirements of crisp products, such as cookies.

Dough is the process of rolling and kneading dough by mixing powder with liquid ingredients or other auxiliary materials. It is the initial procedure and an important link in the whole pastry making process.

The quality of the surface directly affects the quality of the finished product and the smooth process of pastry making.

The dough is generally divided into four methods: fold over, push over, fold over and push over, fold over and fold over.