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Mooncake sealing machine and mooncake packaging machine how to use and maintain the basic information

Feb 27, 2019

1. The equipment adopts high-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.2, with an adjustable end seal structure, so that the product sealing more perfect, and eliminate the phenomenon of packet cutting.3, intelligent equipment, bag length without manual setting, automatic detection, automatic setting in the operation of the equipment.4, the equipment is high-tech products, using high quality dual frequency simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear, long life.5. The machine adopts stainless steel conveying table, and the main machine is processed with plastic spraying and baking paint.It can also be made of all stainless steel according to customer demand.6. The machine is controlled by touch screen, the main control circuit is controlled by intelligent chip, with accurate measurement, automatic detection of electrical fault, simple operation and convenient adjustment.7. The packaging speed and bag-forming length of the equipment are controlled by double frequency converter, with infinitely variable speed and wide range of arbitrary adjustment, which can perfectly match the previous working procedure of the production line and greatly improve the production efficiency.


Moon cake sealing machine and moon cake packaging machine how to use and maintenance of the use and inspection, maintenance


Monthly inspection and maintenance


For the machine transmission system of the gear and sprocket chain meshing each other to oil lubrication, lubrication method with light daub as the principle, for the machine on the synchronous belt and conveyor belt, absolutely prohibit oil lubrication.Feed oil to end seal bearing for lubrication.Check the chain and belt tension of the transmission parts and tighten them if necessary.Check the screw or nut of each part is loose, press it tightly if necessary.Check the carbon accumulation of the brush, wipe if necessary.


1) check the wear of the transmission belt and conveyor belt, and replace it with a new one if necessary.2) check various wearing parts and pay attention to timely replacement.3) check the wear of all transmission parts and replace with new ones if necessary.4) check and tighten the electrical wiring, and clean the dust on the electrical components with compressed air.