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Notes for use of labeling machine

Jun 07, 2018

1. The valve shall be preheated for 5 minutes before starting up, and the panel power shall be turned off before shutting down.

2. The high-cycle wave machine is in the state of 7KV when it works, and it shall not open the casing or randomly mould with hands to avoid danger.

3. When operating this machine, do not allow the upper and lower electric plates to be directly connected, so as not to damage the molds or electronic parts, and do not use the hand to touch the mold electrode and output conductive copper sheets, etc., so as to avoid burning the skin at high temperature.

4. During the welding process, it is found that the welding of the product is abnormal due to various reasons. Please press the red emergency stop button on the operation panel, and the machine will automatically stop heating.

5, before the shutdown, high weeks first switch to "off" position, automatically adjust the switch to "adjust" position, the power switch to turn off the panel, 5 minutes off power always switch, lest the next time, when the phone is switched on without delay for 5 minutes automatic action, adverse to the vacuum tube caused and lower die not put products from mould damage or damage to the machine itself.