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Pay attention to the maintenance of sandwich biscuit dryer

Mar 24, 2020

The sandwich line is an entire assembly line made up of a series of biscuit machines.Sandwich biscuit machine is an important component of the biscuit production line, sandwich biscuit machine adopts electric adjustment, thickness of material level adjust flexibly and accurately, at the same time with intelligent PLC control system, stable and reliable performance, with automatic stack can be a variety of options, suitable for long, square, round, such as all kinds of biscuit, meet the production requirements sandwich biscuit company.

The correct operation of the sandwich biscuit dryer is an important part of equipment management, and the maintenance of the sandwich biscuit dryer can not be ignored, not only the important part of equipment management, and can reduce the loss of equipment, extend the service life of equipment.Generally speaking, the maintenance of sandwich biscuit machine is a series of maintenance work by operators and professionals according to the equipment's technical data and parameter requirements and maintenance rules, but also the objective requirements of the movement of the equipment.

The technical personnel in the industry said, do not pay attention to the maintenance of the sandwich biscuit dryer, not only easy to cause the fault of the sandwich biscuit dryer, but also affect the normal production of enterprises, causing a certain loss.

Therefore, users can lubrication, scrubbing, cleaning, adjustment and other common methods for the maintenance of the sandwich biscuit machine, in order to maintain and protect the performance and technical conditions of the sandwich biscuit machine, ensure the stable operation of the equipment, reduce damage, extend the service life of the equipment.

The user shall ensure that the biscuit dryer is well lubricated.Always fill or change oil regularly to ensure that the bonbons do not dry and prevent the equipment from running without oil.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the oil pressure is normal, the oil label is bright, the oil road is unblocked, the oil quality conforms to the corresponding sandwich biscuit dryer oil requirements,

In the sandwich biscuit dryer cleaning, to pay attention to the removal of debris, do a good job of collecting impurities, after the operation of the site to clean.It is important to note that the fuselage should be cooled before cleaning, to clean the impurities on the equipment.

If the sandwich dryer is more difficult to clean, to clean several times, pay attention to do not use wear detergent and hard wool fabric cleaning, to avoid damage to the non-stick layer.After washing, put it back into the machine in time, and pay attention to the correct position.

In addition, after the use of the sandwich biscuit dryer to promptly clean the residue and attachment to prevent the residue solidification deposition, because the long-term accumulation of residue not only looks ugly, easy to cause damage to the machine.Clean the inside and outside of the equipment, clean the oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, each sliding surface, gearbox, rack, screw, oil hole and other places without oil, each part is not oil leakage, no leakage, the sandwich biscuit dryer around the debris, debris, dirty things to clean clean, keep the sandwich biscuit dryer clean and dry.

Finally, the user should focus on the adjustment, detection, elimination of the sandwich biscuit machine fault potential, and evaluate the degree of wear of each component.Moreover, the parts that affect the working performance of the sandwich biscuit dryer and the parts with fault signs should be diagnosed, detected and checked for status, so as to timely complete the replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting of important parts, so as to ensure the safety and stability of the biscuit production line.