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Pillow packing machine professional maintenance guidance

Nov 26, 2018

1. Turn off the power supply before cleaning and wiping the machine to ensure man-machine safety.

2. Wipe the working table and outer surface of the machine with a clean and wet twist cloth to ensure that the pillow type packaging machine is not scratched. The cleaning and maintenance work shall be carried out regularly.

3. Use compressed air to remove debris from feeding mechanism, middle seal and end seal.

4. Remove the film fragments adhered to the end sealing knife with a steel wire brush coated with lubricating oil. If the packaging material remains on the sealing knife, it will affect the packaging of the next round of products, resulting in poor packaging effect

5. Solid state breaker is burnt out, and the temperature control meter is damaged. When the thermocouple is damaged, the temperature meter cannot control the temperature.

6, there is pillow type packaging machine feeding and outlet, will remain product debris, it must be cleaned, the use of air compressor can be cleaned, the effect is also very good.