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Product characteristics of cake cookie machine

Aug 28, 2019

1, cake cookie machine is aluminum alloy frame structure, with strong stiffness, and excellent structural stability, the bottom of the frame is equipped with four universal casters, easy to move and stable.

2. The cake cookie machine adopts the touch-screen man-machine interface operating system, photoelectric control, servo motor drive, with the advantages of fast, accurate and stable movement.

3. The cake cookie machine is equipped with automatic arranging and plate-arranging functions, and the blank row spacing can be set as needed.

4, cake cookie machine equipped with a variety of molds, can produce a variety of patterns of cookies, flower types can be customized according to customer needs, can adjust the pattern, twist Angle, set weight and production speed, quantitative accurate, fast.

5, cake cookie machine appearance is beautiful and generous, the outer cover is all 304 stainless steel material, all parts in contact with the food meet the national food standards, health, safety, reliable.