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Reveal the baking process at the food factory

Mar 18, 2019

Although the bread does not require a strong taste for the dough, it does require a smooth and tender dough to ensure a smooth taste for subsequent breads.And the use of dough mixer can knead smooth soft dough.


Cutting, rounding, molding process.The fermented dough is divided into small pieces of even size by a dough splitter, and the small pieces are then rounded by a rounding machine.Then roll the small round dough into the molding machine.


Bread forming.The dough is divided and rounded by the machine, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the labor cost, avoids the pollution caused by manual operation, and guarantees the quality and safety of bread.


After molding the bread into the hair box, hair, mainly in order to maintain the bread fluffy, soft taste.On the condition of wake up hair, bread in up hair box need to wake 1 hour or so, wake up hair temperature slightly higher than the fermentation temperature, about 40 ℃, relative humidity were similar, probably around 83%.


Bread baking is very critical to the baking temperature and time requirements.Bread should not be baked too hot, too cold, or for too long.Usually bread baking temperature about 185 ℃ or so, set 15 to 30 minutes.Because the oven is equipped with a temperature control system, the baking temperature and time can be set to avoid the miscalculation caused by human experience to control the temperature, so as to better ensure the golden color of bread, as well as fluffy taste and quality.


After baking bread into cooling, packaging, testing and other processes, so that the bread is completed its safe production journey.In conclusion, although the bread quality influenced by many factors, but in bread making, abandon the manual operation, using mixer, wake up hair, rub ball machine, wake up machine and processing equipment, such as bread baking furnace can not only improve the production efficiency, and reduce the manual operation to bring all sorts of pollution, to better ensure the quality of bread safe, let consumer eat more at ease!