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Safety hidden danger and preventive measures of electric heating oil fryer

Jun 04, 2018

Electric heating oil fryer is a common Fried equipment, because of its high frying efficiency, easy to operate, deeply popular with consumers.However, there are also many safety risks, which need to be strengthened. Next, we will learn about the hidden dangers and preventive measures of electric heating oil fryer.

(1) oil residue: this is a place that is easy to catch fire but easy to ignore.As we know, oil residue is easy to produce self-ignition due to its high thermal energy, strong chemical reaction, poor heat dissipation rate, strong concealment.Many companies have such lessons.

Frying machines made in China (2) electric heating tube, many are not set to rise the temperature of the heating pipe security Settings, and operators due to a lack of training, rises in Fried immediately after heating tube to clean health, but at this time the temperature of the heating tube is above 300 degrees, far more than the frying oil ignition point, a drop of oil will soon be on fire, lead to oil burning.

(3) chimney: many enterprises do not clean the oil deposits in the chimney for a long time, so that the oil deposits in the chimney ignite spontaneously, causing fire.

In conclusion, the following measures should be strengthened to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents:

(1) there is no doubt that it is important to train managers, engineering maintenance personnel and operators, and determine the responsibilities of personnel appointment.

(2) according to the above three items, timely clean the oil residue, add water spraying device, CO2 injection device, frying machine and safety temperature setting device, and clean the chimney, etc.

(3) add CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system to the fryer. Once the set safe temperature is exceeded, CO2 will be injected automatically.

(4) add necessary fire fighting facilities such as fire extinguishers and yellow sand in the workshop, so as to be prepared.

(5) all the doors and Windows of the workshop are open. Once an accident occurs, the pressure in the workshop can open the doors and Windows.

(6) the fryer shall be provided with low oil level and high oil level protection measures, high temperature protection measures, etc.