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Safety precautions in operation of carbonated beverage filling machine

Nov 28, 2019

Carbonated beverage filling machine according to the principle of filling can be divided into atmospheric filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine.Atmospheric filling machine is liquid in its own gravity flow for filling, divided into timing and volume two filling methods, generally suitable for low viscosity non-gas liquid, such as milk, wine, pure water, juice drinks.

Pressure filling machine is to increase the pressure for filling, a kind of liquid in cylinder pressure and the pressure in the bottle is equal on the liquid gravity isostatic filling, the other is a liquid cylinder pressure is higher than the pressure in the bottle so that the liquid filling fast filling bottles in the high-speed production, is suitable for the liquid filling containing gas, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, carbonated beverage, soda water, etc.

Carbonated beverage filling machine is in the bottle pressure less than atmospheric pressure for filling, suitable for a variety of viscosity of liquid, such as oil, syrup, wine can be suitable for this kind of filling.

Using carbonated beverage filling machine for beverage filling can greatly improve the filling efficiency, but when operating the machine, need to pay attention to safety.

Before use, it is necessary to make a trial run by observing whether the operation direction of the three-phase motor is correct, whether the pressure of the filling machine is normal, whether the motor and bearing are in normal operation, whether lubricating oil should be added, and whether the solid parts of the beverage filling machine are loose.

When the beverage filling machine through the use of the inspection after no harm, can be used, use need to pay attention to the safety equipment function is normal.After each turn off to restart before, need to check the water tank, chain plate, conveyor belt, reservoir-cap box, such as whether there are abnormal, at the same time pay attention to the water, electricity, gas is turned on, a clear equipment, close the main power supply QF again, the power light is lit up, failure indicator, abrupt stop light is not bright can press start button on the control box and filling the start switch, start the machine operations, to stop the machine operation, need filling in place and control box, press the stop button after downtime should turn off the main power supply.

In the carbonated beverage filling machine, the operation control box is used as the equipment to control the beverage filling machine. In the past, the design or use of the large size box is generally designed for safety reasons, which can ensure that the staff will not cause safety accidents due to the performance problems of the operation control box.

However, the disadvantage of the large-size operation control box itself is that it is too large and overweight, which leads to more trouble in manual operation of the filling machine. Meanwhile, during equipment maintenance, because the operation control box is larger and heavier, it will be more difficult to maintain.

Therefore, the demand of operation control box of carbonated beverage filling machine also develops to miniaturization from the previous big and bulky, while the small operation controller that can fit into safety is more attractive, such as the operation switch product of combination of small and lightweight hand-held enable switch and automatic reset selector switch.The product through the hands to increase the security operation, the hand can make the switch and miniaturization switch has a wider range of practical operation, such as hand small operators or narrow space before using the large size of operation control box is not practical, and the hand of type can make the switch and the miniaturization of switch operation, there is no this aspect of the problem;The product is designed from the perspective of ergonomics. No matter what happens, the 3-position enable switch can be stopped urgently to ensure the safety of the operation of the soda filling machine.And many years of safety equipment design experience, and can ensure the miniaturization of the product, its security, stability will not be reduced, so in practical applications, let customers use this light weight, easy to operate, high safety products, to replace the previous large bulky large size operation control box.