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Several matters needing attention in hot air circulation oven maintenance

Mar 16, 2020

Hot air circulation oven is a common equipment in baking and other industries. In the process of use and maintenance, it must follow the relevant principles and master the relevant matters needing attention to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and the smooth drying process.

In the process of operating the equipment, it should be noted that, in the use of power, the operator must not touch the left side of the box with the hand electrical parts, or wipe with wet cloth and rinse with water;Do not overcrowd the items in the box. Leave enough space so that the moist air can slow down and escape at the top of the wind.The use of the equipment should be responsible for the use of the equipment should be cut off at the end of the external power supply, to avoid accidents.

Equipment maintenance is an important condition to prolong the life of equipment.As we have learned, a lot of people in the past to hot air cycle oven maintenance work do not pay attention to, in the savage production state, the lack of maintenance equipment plan.

First, the equipment should be placed in a well-ventilated and dark environment, do not fully contact with the wall, do not place other items around.

Second, the equipment may be used for the first time because of rust coating heating and other reasons to produce slight smoke and smell, use twice after will return to normal, this does not affect the use, can slightly open the window ventilation.

Third, the box socket should be in accordance with the rules of the voltage and a reliable grounding, to ensure the use of safety.

Fourthly, if it takes a long time to open the box door to replace or put items in, the temperature setting should be turned down or the power switch should be closed for 5 ~ 10 minutes or so to reduce the occurrence of temperature shock, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Fifth, in order to keep the equipment beautiful, do not use acid or alkali and other corrosive articles to wipe the appearance, the box can be used to wipe dry cloth.

Sixth, when the temperature is high, should pay attention to the temperature of the box, to prevent burns.

Seven, do not put inflammable and explosive items.

Eight, after the use of equipment to pay attention to turn off the power switch.

Ix. There is a fuse in the control box of the device. If the device is not powered, please check whether there is any problem with the fuse tube.

In general, the hot air circulation oven maintenance seems simple, the actual operation also needs the operator to master the relevant skills, in order to achieve the expected maintenance effect, to ensure the stable operation of production.