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Shanghai mooha boosts the development of the coffee market

Mar 07, 2019

Statistics show that Chinese people consume more than 5 cups of coffee every year, and most of them are instant coffee. Consumers in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou consume 20 cups of coffee every year.Compared with big coffee consumers like the United States, South Korea and Japan, China's coffee consumption is growing at an average annual rate of 25%.Compared with the global average growth rate of 2%, China's coffee consumption is growing at an amazing rate of over 10% every year. China's coffee consumption market has obvious room for growth, and the demand for coffee in China is far from reaching the saturation stage.


In addition, compared with the 10-year compound growth rate of imports of raw coffee beans in the United States and Japan, which is no more than 2%, South Korea's demand for imported coffee has also increased to a certain extent in recent years, but it is far less than the demand for imported raw coffee beans in the Chinese market.A market research institute predicts that China will import more than 100,000 tons of coffee beans in 2020.This also reflects that China's coffee consumption market demand prospects.


Some institutions predict that the size of China's coffee market will exceed one trillion yuan in 2025.Some insiders said that China's coffee market is in a stage of rapid development, which is also an important reason for attracting a large number of capital into the bureau.


At present, the domestic market is not only the layout of coffee stores, such as KFC, McDonald's and other fast food in the promotion of coffee products also increased efforts.At the same time, coffee machines have become standard in many stores.In the ready-to-drink coffee market, besides nestle, new hope, uni-president, Coca Cola, suntory and other brands have made frequent market moves.