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Shape and bake a chiffon cake

Sep 17, 2019

(1) correct selection of mold, finished products used as cake blank, can be used for special movable bottom can be removed cake mold.The mould should not be greased, otherwise the cake billet will shrink easily after mature.

(2) after the batter is put into the mold, gently tap and pat the mold, so that the bubbles in the cake are even and stable, and the texture of the cake is fine.

(3) after the chifeng cake batter is stirred, it should be timely put into the mold for baking, otherwise it will precipitate the foam and lead to poor expansion of the cake.

(4) baking temperature and time should be based on the performance of the oven, the product is large, small, thick, thin specific conditions.If a chiffon cake isn't baked through, the steam condenses back into water and seeps into the bottom of the cake, causing it to collapse.If the baking temperature is too high, the cake skin will form too early, will make the cake surface cracking, the outside of the brown.After coloring, turn off or reduce the top heat and bake at a low base heat to maintain ripeness, texture, moisture and softness.

(5) after the cake comes out, it should be placed on the stainless steel cake fork or stainless steel flat mesh plate, so that the hot air in the cake billet can be distributed, so as to avoid contraction. After it is thoroughly cold, it should be removed from the mold in time.