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Simple cold storage maintenance

Jan 11, 2019

1. After the completion of the construction of the cold storage, sterilization shall be carried out in the storage to avoid damage to a small part of products caused by bacteria when the products enter the storage.


2. Pre-cooling is carried out before the cold storage goods enter the warehouse. If a large number of goods enter the warehouse at the same time, the temperature in the warehouse will rise rapidly and the unit will run for a long time.


3, cold storage in the process of put into use, such as used again after stopping for a long time, will slowly cooling, controlling temperature 0 ℃ or so a day, and then used in stored product.


4, cold storage plate maintenance, in the use of the process such as damage to the cold storage insulation board, such as scratches, should be done as soon as possible to fill up the silicone foam, as far as possible to reduce the occurrence of such things, will make the cold storage insulation board rust.


5, cold storage ground maintenance, assembly type cold storage floor insulation board should be used to prevent the ground water caused by ice, such as the ground ice do not use sharp objects to eradicate, can be removed by the installation team.