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Small patch is expected to replace traditional food label innovation to promote industrial development

Oct 29, 2018

When consumer is buying food, it is to rely on the production date on packaging, expiration date to decide whether its edible.Nevertheless, edible do not represent food safety completely, consumer cannot see the contamination of the bacterium such as the bacterium that has received coliform is not had from inside product, and this innovation patch can accomplish easily, can see future application is very extensive.


The test patch has no effect on the food itself, and some experts believe it could replace the current warranty labels.Adding such a small patch to food packaging is really useful to further protect consumer food safety.However, this has increased costs for manufacturers and, on the other hand, the need for additional equipment such as packaging machines for new technologies has increased.The information on food packaging is realized by using such equipment as code spraying machine and code printing machine, and the corresponding packaging equipment support is required when the patch is added, which is a big challenge for relevant manufacturing enterprises.At the same time, there are great challenges and opportunities, and the market prospect is very broad.