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Snack food mixer instructions

Jul 22, 2019

Octagonal drum mixer is a kind of rotating mixing machine which can mix many kinds of materials together. It is suitable for adding powder and mixer to block, flake and granular food in the process of food production.

The round drum of star anise seasoning machine is designed with star anise shape, which avoids the disadvantage of not rolling the raw material of ball seasoning machine.Powder mixer can realize automatic mixing function, so it is also called "drum type food seasoning machine", convenient to use.The ball of star anise seasoning machine is stainless steel.

Shengyao octagonal adopts decelerating motor and gear rotation to prevent Fried food from being broken, automatically stirring and mixing materials evenly, easy to operate, high yield, stainless steel production, the rotation speed and inclination of the drum can be adjusted, the amount of powder can also be controlled, and any food can be seasoned and mixed.According to the design and manufacture of Fried food shape characteristics, there are disc type, octagonal type of two forms, is Fried food seasoning, mixing special equipment, is the current domestic Fried food seasoning equipment.