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Sponge cake batter

Sep 24, 2019

(1) reasonably control the stirring temperature.

In general, the whole egg in 25℃ around the best performance.

Too high a temperature, the egg will become thin, poor viscosity, unable to hold the gas;

The temperature is too low, the viscosity is large, when stirring is not easy to take into the air.

(2) when making sponge cake batter, the time of beating eggs should not be too long, otherwise it will destroy the bubbles in the batter and affect the quality of the cake.

Do not stir too fast or too long after adding flour, in order to prevent the batter gluten, affect the product's softness.

(3) if there is cocoa powder or matcha powder in the formula, it can be sifted with flour at the same time, and sifted many times to make the powder more delicate.

If there is coffee in the recipe, it can be prepared with wine or purified water to make coffee sauce.

(4) ball stirring accessories should be used when beating eggs to make them more foaming.

If the temperature of egg liquid is too low, hot water can be used to heat the stirring tank around, so that the temperature of egg liquid rises, accelerate the bubble of egg liquid.

Sponge cake - pastry chef training content

(5) when adding powdered raw materials, the mixer should be set to a slow speed to prevent spatter of powdered raw materials.

(6) when the melted butter is added to the batter, the temperature should not be too high.

If the temperature is too high, the batter will be stirred unevenly.

(7) the batter should be used according to the tune, and the time should not be too long, otherwise the bubbles in the batter will reduce or disappear.

(8) after loading into the mold, the batter should be scraped and shaped, and gently tap to make the cake batter pores even.