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Staple food canned water sufficient canned production line

Dec 21, 2018

Compared with puffing cat food and dog food, the nutrients in raw materials are easily destroyed by high temperature. Vacuum freeze-drying machine can dehydrate food materials at low temperature because it is dry in vacuum environment.


The production of freeze-drying pets requires the use of vacuum freeze-drying machine, which requires the production of meat raw materials for cutting, cutting processing;Then the food material is rapidly frozen by the quick-freezing equipment to reduce the water crystallization.Then into the freeze-dried cabin, in the state of vacuum extraction, the temperature rises to dozens of degrees, promote the direct sublimation of water in the frozen food materials.According to tests, fruits produced in this way can retain about 98% of the nutrients, which is very little different from the nutrients of fresh food. Therefore, freeze-drying of pets is considered to have the most abundant retained nutrients.