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Stuffing machine to help the youth group market

Mar 23, 2020

In order to further ensure the quality and safety of the green group, most of the green group this year adopts vacuum independent packaging, which not only prevents the products from being polluted by the outside world, but also extends the freshness period, ensuring the fresh quality of the green group, so that consumers can eat with more confidence.

Generally speaking, the production of green group through juice, filtration, mixing, flour, stuffing, stuffing, packaging, and other processes, and because many traditional shop green group production links are mainly manual, such as stuffing, which requires a lot of skilled workers, especially now close to the green group sales season.

However, in recent years, with the continuous rise of labor costs and large staff turnover, the labor gap is large, which also brings considerable production pressure to qingtuan production and processing enterprises.

Take artificial stuffing as an example, usually skilled green group stuffing workers can wrap a green group in 6 seconds, but if the green group stuffing gap, the overall production efficiency of the green group will be greatly reduced.In addition, the need to pay attention to is that the green package is very particular about the filling, the proportion of the leather filling remains constant, not too much stuffing, not too little.Even if the skilled green group stuffing, or may be a long time to repeat the stuffing movement, will appear limb fatigue, it is difficult to ensure that all green group standard.

It is reported that a group processing enterprises on the basis of traditional group technology, introducing mechanical filling technology, the group by filling machine filling, filling efficiency, alleviate the pressure of the shortage of artificial, reduce labor costs at the same time, also can through frequency conversion control device to adjust skin, filling rate, group packages with uniform, quantitative, accurate, assumed that accurately, and skin filling tie-in level more clearly, to prevent the filling leakage, to ensure the quality of green ball of filling and beautiful.

In recent years, under the continuous innovation research and development of stuffing machine manufacturers and r&d teams, the stuffing speed, filling uniformity, quantitative accuracy and productivity of qingtuan stuffing machine have been significantly improved.

Not only that, the machine has been optimized and upgraded in the cutting knife force system, the multi-filling adding device and the powder sprinkling system, etc., which has broken through the problems of friction, heating and stuck of sticky rice products and provided strong technical support for ensuring the high quality stuffing packing operation of the group.

With the tomb-sweeping day approaching, as the seasonal products of the green group is bound to be favored by consumers, and ushered in a wave of sales season.In the long run, I believe in the youth group under continuous fu can filling machine, not only can help enterprises to improve the efficiency of filling, alleviate the pressure of the filling shortage, reduce labor costs, at the same time also can ensure group uniform filling, clear skin filling tie-in levels, ensure the quality of green ball of filling and beautiful appearance, let consumer eat outside a triple luster, taste Q plays soft waxy seasonal group.