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The advantage of automatic labeling machine determines its future development trend in labeling industry

Oct 11, 2018

The rapid development of packaging industry is naturally inseparable from the contribution of labelling equipment.As the leader of the packaging industry, the labeling machine has been upgraded and improved for many times, and developed into the industry trend with the full-automatic labeling machine as the mainstream.


Shanghai mooha, as a label manufacturer with many years of experience, is specialized in the development, production, sales and service of packaging automation production line and complete set of solutions in food machinery industry.


Compared with manual labelling and semi-automatic labelling, automatic labelling machine has great advantages.The following are compared according to specific data;


Label accuracy;Compared with manual and semi-automatic labeling equipment, automatic labeling equipment is known for "stable" labeling, and the basic labeling accuracy is guaranteed to be 1mm.


Marking speed;Compared with manual and semi-automatic labelling equipment, the labelling speed fluctuates with the artificial influence, and the labelling speed is between 10 pieces per minute, which is intimidating with low efficiency.


However, the full-automatic labelling machine is equipped with a solid conveyor belt, and the weight and light objects can be easily transported.The servo system has stable control and the labelling speed is up to 200 pieces per minute. By contrast, one machine can be worth 10-20 people and the cost is significantly reduced.


Label application;Manual and semi-automatic can only be used by single machine.And automatic label equipment in addition to the use of single machine, also with the production line to achieve seamless butt.High flexibility and wide range of applicable products.