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the advantage of Full automatic bag packing machine with vacuum

Feb 21, 2019

1, beautiful packaging to the bag packaging machine is the choice of prefabricated bag packaging, packaging products, delicate appearance, bright colors, conducive to the transaction of products.


2, good vacuum function for the bag vacuum packaging machine is the choice of prefabricated bag packaging, packaging out of the product vacuum function can reach 70%, and than the stretch film, vertical vacuum machine, not easy to bilge gas leakage bag.


3, brief operation to the bag vacuum packaging machine selection of human machine controllable interface, each machine is equipped with a touch screen, set the packaging parameters, a key operation, simple and easy, is conducive to the production staff control.


4. It is equipped with a safety alarm device that will automatically alarm when air pressure is abnormal or other abnormal conditions are encountered in the process of production, and prompt the production personnel to stop the machine to check and handle.


5, active detection function robust active bag inspection function, when the equipment grab prefabricated packaging bags, found in the empty bag may be unqualified bags, will stop feeding and heat sealing, bags can be used again, reduce the loss of packaging materials.


6, full active production, high power bag packaging machine all choose electromechanical integration control, active feeding bag, active metering, blanking, heat sealing, vacuum output all in a production line, save labor costs, improve the production power of the enterprise.


7, flexible operation, convenient to a bag-type packaging function packaging size, size of the product, through the motor control, can be arbitrarily adjusted to the appropriate size of the bag width.


8, can be packed in a variety of shapes and specifications of the product package, such as liquid, paste, paste, solid, powder, particles, strip, can be used to a variety of materials packaging bags, such as composite film, silica, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP and so on.


9. Precision metering bag-type vacuum packaging machine is equipped with active metering equipment. For different materials, there are different metering equipment.