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The advantage of the cookie forming machine

Sep 25, 2018

Looking at the current biscuit market, it is not difficult to find that its categories are very rich in style, from the production process of toughness biscuits, crisp biscuits, cream biscuits, wafer, wafer, etc.In terms of shape, there are not only round and square, but also stick and egg roll shapes.The cookie machine is classified based on the production process, with the distinction of wafer production line, cookie production line, sandwich dryer, etc.

In the case of wafers, they are soft, brittle and difficult to make by hand, so the production line can play a decisive role in the taste of the finished product.The wafer production equipment for wafer production has a high degree of automation and can realize automatic production.

The wafer production line can basically cover the characteristics of all kinds of biscuit production lines.At the beginning of production and design, these equipment made great efforts in flexible and adaptable production of a variety of products.Although the shape of the cookie is not the basis of various types of cookie machine classification, but is an indispensable means to attract consumers.At present, the biscuit is mainly formed by moulding and moulding.While like wafer rely mainly on cutting molding, by the brittle property of wafer is conceivable, in order to realize wafer point is perfect molding tool "malicious" quick, sharp and fast tool to cut out the shape rules, uniform, clear section of wafer, the current in order to avoid the tool is not sharp, smudgy effects such as food, many with laser cutting tool instead of traditional cutting tools for cutting food.

As a kind of food with multi-functional application scenes, biscuits still have broad space for sustainable development from the perspective of long-term development trend.In the development process of biscuit category, it should be the unremitting pursuit of manufacturers of biscuit production equipment to improve the intelligence and automation degree of production equipment and further adapt to the requirements of current market on nutrition and production features of biscuit category.