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The cause and solution of the unclear code of laser code spraying machine

Oct 26, 2018

First of all, we should know the main structure of laser code spraying machine, including laser tube, polarization mirror system, power controller, software operating system.As the use time increases, the laser tube will attenuate with the increase of the amount of light, and then we will encounter the problem mentioned above. The printing effect is not clear, and it feels very weak.


How to deal with it?If the laser is CO2, the manufacturer will recommend a 2 - or 3-year laser tube inflation plan according to the time of use.If the service time is very short and the mark is not clear within a year, the power can be increased or the speed of the line can be reduced. Increasing the power of the laser tube is a common treatment.


2. Uneven marking, deep and shallow.


This situation is also relatively common. As we mentioned above, the working principle of laser machine is to emit laser light through the laser tube, deflect through the polarizing mirror system, burn the product surface, and generate physical and chemical reactions, thus forming characters.


Have deep have shallow, here we should pay attention to is the focal point, namely the focal length adjustment, K, F series focusing laser machine has red light positioning function, can appear by clicking, two red light, red light come together, is the focal length of time, then the product surface to achieve cleaner spray printing effect.


Generally, this kind of situation occurs to laser code spraying machine. In the absence of experience, it is suggested to consult the manufacturer. Compared with the traditional ink-jet code printing machine, the failure rate of laser code spraying machine is already very low.