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The composition of the moon cake machine

Jun 11, 2019

The composition of guang-type moon cake machine consists of filling machine, molding machine, plate finishing machine and so on.The pie maker is the first step in making mooncakes, which are put into noodles and fillings in proportion.On the control panel of the mooncake machine, the proportion of filling material can be adjusted and the weight of each mooncake can be controlled.

Moon cake molding machine is to make the shape of the moon cake into a beautiful shape, the use of infrared sensors, the dough filled with extrusion into a fresh pattern of moon cakes, generally represented by guangdong moon cakes lotus paste filling and five core filling more.The skin is usually printed with lotus paste or five core words.

The moon cake organizer, is the preparation of moon cakes, neatly arranged in prepared dishes or boxes.The number of mooncake loading plates can be set by numerical control panel, which can be intelligently loaded into the disk to improve the efficiency.Through a series of mooncake machines, a box of mooncakes can be packaged and marketed.