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The development of pneumatic packaging industry

Jul 23, 2019

Gas adjustment packaging is also known as replacement gas packaging, that is, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases mixed in a certain proportion are injected into the packaging.

In this gas environment, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms will be effectively inhibited, coupled with the low temperature environment, can be a good extension of food preservation period.

At present, China's air conditioning equipment can be divided into automatic air conditioning equipment and semi-automatic air conditioning equipment.

According to different mechanical transmission modes, automatic air conditioning and packaging machine can be divided into chain automatic air conditioning and manipulator automatic air conditioning and packaging machine.

Although at present the air conditioning package installed in the domestic market penetration rate is increasing, but compared with the foreign air conditioning fresh-keeping technology, China's air conditioning package installed in the gas mixing process, intelligent production and other aspects still have a certain gap.