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The development of the cookie pastry food bakery machine

Nov 15, 2018

As a higher-end industrial cluster of the large food industry, the cookie machine industry will show a rapid development momentum in the coming decades.Baked goods such as cookies, egg yolks and puffs account for half of all casual food, and consumers are increasingly buying them.


Cookie machine is a kind of forming machine which can produce various kinds of unique fancy pastry and cookie blank through dough extrusion.With advanced technology, compact structure, multi-function, simple operation and other features, popular by the majority of users.It is also one of the most ideal new food machinery for investors.There are many kinds of moulds for cookie machine, which can produce dozens of kinds of fancy cookies.Shaped fancy cookies and cookies, unique shape, clear patterns, beautiful shape.The billet produced by this machine can be baked by hot air rotary furnace.


Operation method of cookie baking machine:


1. Add a suitable amount of flour and soda into the fermented dough, and mix well with the dough mixer. Then put it into the flour hopper for normal operation.The water of dough should be in a certain proportion, generally 1:0.38 to 0.43 is appropriate (if the dough is too soft or too hard will affect the forming rate of steamed bread blank), and the specific proportion should be determined according to the actual situation.


2. Cookies pastry machine normal operation, cut and good dough into 1000-1500 grams left and right sides of the strip shape has continued into the surface of a pipe, to ensure that send noodles stir dragon continuously evenly to the molding part for the surface, to ensure the quality of cake billet and steamed bread forming rate (too little too much to prevent surface, the dough for the surface is not enough, all affect the quality of the cake billet).


3. Before using the pastry machine, adjust the hand wheel to the maximum and then adjust gradually according to the required quality of the pastry. The size of the pastry will affect the molding quality of the pastry.


4. During the normal work of the cookie machine, make sure that there is enough flour in the flour box to prevent the dough from bonding with the cutter molding and affect the molding quality of the pastry.


5. Adjustment instructions of hand wheel: increase of left hand wheel and decrease of right hand wheel.


6. The steamed bread machine is in normal operation. Hands or metal utensils should not approach all transmission parts to prevent injury or damage to the machine.


Pastry machines are slightly harder and more alkaline than artificial surfaces.


8. After use, clean the remaining surfaces in the hopper, and make fermentation fertilizer. Cover each mouth cover to prevent foreign matter from entering and cut off the power supply.


Cookie machine is not high quality of flour and suitable for all kinds of workplaces.Reasonable structure, molding, filling, feeding and control board are driven by independent motor, not prone to joint and several faults, maintenance and easy to disassemble and clean.This machine is controlled by high quality microcomputer with humanized control panel, which makes the control accurate and reliable.Easy operation in 5 minutes.High degree of automation and accurate quantification make the products uniform in size, with the proportion of 20 grams to 150 grams of the cookie dough filling, the thickness of the steamed bread dough, forming and cutting, adjustable at will, and one or two people can operate.The cookie machine works as efficiently as 8 to 12 workers making cookies at the same time, which is really low investment, high efficiency and saving investment.