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The dynamic air sterilizer promotes the production of tea bread

Mar 11, 2019

Tea is China's national drink, not only with national characteristics, but also a significant health function.Tea bread can be made by adding tea into bread ingredients, which promotes healthy consumption and has a good market prospect.However, tea bread may also suffer from microbial contamination, moldy deterioration problems.

However, there are many ways to prevent food spoilage.Using dynamic air sterilizer and dual-core ozone generator, using dynamic air sterilization technology and food preservation fence technology, can prevent microbial contamination of food, avoid food moldy deterioration, improve the quality of tea bread food safety, promote the safe production of tea bread.

As a healthy food ingredient, tea can not only be used for brewing and drinking, but also processed into tea bread, tea cake, tea moon cake, tea wine, tea juice beverage, tea powder, tea sugar and other health food.Among them, tea bread is a kind of nutrition food with good market prospect.

The technological process of tea bread production: raw material selection pretreatment kneading fermentation shaping production waken hair baking cooling packaging inspection finished product.