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The effect of baking oven use on bread

Oct 14, 2019

Compared with dough fermentation, the baking of bread is very important.If the rising quality of dough determines the fluffy and soft taste of bread, baking directly affects the color, aroma and taste of the finished product.

Among them, baking time and temperature should be set to match, otherwise the bread can not reach golden skin, fragrance overflowing, flavor taste is not ideal, even there will be shrinking bread, couch, skin, and thus affect sales.

Baking time and temperature depend on the variety and volume of the bread.Generally, the baking time of pastry bread is more than 10 minutes and the baking temperature is about 200℃.Today, with the deepening of big data, Internet of things and intelligence, bread baking oven has been upgraded and developed to be more intelligent and automated.With hd camera and smart chip, the smart oven can identify the type, size and volume of bread in the oven, and automatically adjust the matching temperature and time to ensure the quality of bread baking.