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The final key point of dough fermentation

Sep 18, 2019

If there is too much dough to bake at one time, you can put the dough in batches. After baking, please put the dough in a cool place to extend the waking time.

Before using the starter box, do not dry burn without water, otherwise the equipment will be seriously damaged.

Adjust the fermentation box to the ideal temperature and humidity before the dough fermentation.

Generally, the final waking temperature is 35~38℃, humidity is about 78%, and the time is controlled within 30~60min.

The rising temperature is too high, the skin is dry, the expansion of the blank is destroyed, the product volume is small;If the temperature is too low, it will take a long time to wake up.

The wake up humidity is too high, the surface of the blank is wet, the surface will appear bubble, and the finished product is easy to collapse;Humidity is too low, the surface of the blank dry, also affect the volume of products.

It takes too long to wake up, the inside of the bread is rough, and the taste is sour.Time is too short, the bread volume is small, the bread soft feeling is poor.

Bread in the wake of hair, often observe the glass door of the hair box moisture condition, analysis of the temperature, humidity condition of the hair box.