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The importance of food oven temperature

Jun 14, 2018

Food baking oven temperature tester: as the competition of pastry industry becomes more and more intense, the technical request for pastry is more and more high

Home can only improve the quality and taste of pastries to improve their own competitiveness.The baking temperature and time of the cake, the color of the cake,

Taste has a distinct effect.Therefore, monitoring oven temperature is the way to optimize pastry production.Baking temperature tester, can record

The temperature and time changes of oven gas and food in the course of baking are connected to the computer for analysis and discussion.Sensitive when in doubt

Find out the factors and the location.Provide scientific data to deal with color, taste, etc

Function of food oven temperature measuring instrument:

1. Set the temperature and transportation speed in the oven temperature area

2. Time between any two temperature values

3. The slope between any two temperature values

4. Maximum temperature and arrival time

5. Horizontal temperature line, vertical time line and time between two moments

6. Test date and time

7. Input of company name, product name and remark information

8. The temperature data report can be exported to Excel for editing

9. Insert picture function to make the location of temperature test point clear

10. Software cleaning device memory data mode

11. Manual operation and specified temperature