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The importance of hot air rotary furnace maintenance

Jun 06, 2018

Hot air rotary furnace can be used for drying, baking bread, cake, meat products and a variety of pasta, pastries, widely used in food factory, bakery, state organs and units, units of canteen, also applies to individual food processing plants, food baking cakes, cake house.

The hot air rotating furnace needs attention to maintenance and maintenance.In this way, it is safer and more efficient to use the hot air rotating furnace, and can also delay the life of the hot air rotating furnace.I. daily maintenance:

1. When the hot air rotating furnace is completely cooled, use warm water with kitchen detergent to clean the inside, glass and appearance of the hot air rotating furnace.Do not use hot air rotary furnace in the process of wiping, detergent or any material containing acid and bleach, is absolutely forbidden to use steel wool or metal brushes, should clean with a soft cloth with warm water, keep wet cloth, and don't wet to the drop of water can, using the same method to clean all kinds of car.

2. For customers using hot air rotary furnace, need to look at before every day use in diesel fuel tank capacity, to ensure that the machines in use without cutting oil, in after work every day with detergent and soft cloth to wipe the external tank, and close the valve.

2. Monthly maintenance

1. Clean the filter element of the water pipe, remove the filter element, clean it with water and then install it back. Then open the water source to check whether there is any leakage.

2. Lubricate the main shaft bearing and caster seat of the trolley with butter, and replace immediately if any damage is found.

3. Check the chain tension, adjust the chain from the adjustable distance of 10mm in the middle part of the straight line of the manual push chain, and apply lubricating oil to the chain.

4. Lubricate the upper and lower shafts and door lock parts of the gate with butter to ensure that the door switches freely and without noise or inconvenience.

5. Open the maintenance door (customers) on the use of hot air rotary furnace, clean combustion machine, dust and trash around with wet cloth to wipe the ground plate, and remove the fuel tank and small filter core, its and inner cavity with high pressure air spray cleaning.

Iii. Quarterly maintenance:

1. Use a soft brush and vacuum cleaner to clean all the electrical components, terminals and motor shells of the hot air rotating furnace, circulating fans and exhaust fan blades.

2. Check and test the control system, ensure the test temperature can be normally closed, and test whether the thermostat and thermal protector of the hot air rotating furnace are working normally.

3. Check whether the seal of the hot air revolving furnace door is in good condition; if there is any damage, it must be replaced to ensure its insulation effect.

4. If the water pipe in the hot air rotating furnace is blocked, the water pipe, right inner plate and steam pipe must be removed for thorough cleaning, and if necessary, the water pipe and steam pipe should be replaced.

5. Check whether the solar lamp tube of the hot air rotating furnace is damaged.

6. (customers) on the use of hot air rotary furnace should every quarter to burning machine to do a comprehensive inspection, in order to find problems in time, eliminate hidden dangers, burning machine debugging to the best working state, and removal of carbon deposit on the burning.

Annual maintenance

1. The use of hot air rotary furnace customers, each year by professionals for converter a thorough examination of all kinds of motor, in order to find problems in time, and do a test of electric heat pipe, look to whether have damage, electric heating tube to ensure the temperature of the converter is good.

2. The use of hot air rotary furnace customers, a professional must each year for converter do a comprehensive inspection of all kinds of motor, in order to find problems in time, and the entire heat exchanger to do a thorough cleaning.Method is: put the burning machine, the use of high pressure air for heat exchanger internal injection, attach in carbon deposit on the plate and the plate separation and blown out of the heat exchange chamber, in order to make sure the inside of the heat exchanger cleaning, to prolong the service life.

Hot air rotary furnace is the key of the baking food equipment, especially for high quality food is the most appropriate and best effect, we are the most advanced s food baking equipment, hot air rotary furnace using diesel oil, heat conduction oil and electric heating three kinds.Its appearance and inner chamber adopt stainless steel, clean and health, the application of hot air convection, hot air circulation, and slowly rotates the car, the combination of the food heated evenly, the parts with water spray humidifying device, ensure the hot air rotary furnace food standard humidity, make food even ripening time and through a certain temperature, elastic, rosin and tasty.