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The inner and outer tea bag packing machine can achieve the ideal packing effect

Oct 15, 2019

Its sealing method --- ultrasonic seamless sealing, compact, sanitary, reduce the excess edge width does not waste a trace of filter material, compared to the ordinary tea bag, this shape high quality tea bag image, bring beauty and feeling, more easily accepted by the public.The inner and outer tea bag packaging machine is cut off by ultrasonic sealing. The tea bag is extruded and beautiful in appearance. The packaging capacity can reach 3000 bags/hour.All the contactable materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and reliability of the products.Some working cylinders are imported with original package to ensure their working accuracy and stability.

Compact structure, easy to operate, easy to adjust and easy to maintain;With interface function, make the machine more convenient and intelligent;With the bag length and Angle positioning, adapt to dust larger working environment;Ultrasonic seal, seal firmly.With the lack of film alarm stop, no material alarm stop and other functions.

Starting operation sequence of inner and outer tea bag packaging machine:

1. Check whether the blanking handle, wire feeding handle and mark feeding handle are in the state of disconnection.

2. Feed the filter paper into the longitudinal sealing roller to make empty bag, check whether the sealing is smooth and firm and whether the middle knife can be cut off.

3. Close the wire feeding handle and label feeding handle to check whether the empty bag of finished products is qualified.

4. Take off the handle of the inner bag, insert the outer packaging film into the longitudinal sealing roller, point and pull the film about 30cm, set the microcomputer as the fixed length, start the packaging machine, and check whether the bag is smooth and firm.The inner and outer tea bag packaging machine is shut down, and then the machine is set to microcomputer to follow the label. Start the packaging machine to check whether the bag follow the label accurately.