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The magic of the oven

Nov 20, 2018

The function of electric oven besides the function such as common baking, roast, still have a lot of other use actually.


How the electric oven works


An electric oven is a device for cooking food with hot air, usually enclosed or semi-enclosed.Hot air in open form is called grilling.An oven can also be used to refer to a device for treating hot gases at high temperatures.The electric oven is mainly composed of box, electric heating element, thermostat, timer and power regulating switch.


Melted chocolate


When making chocolate, use the lowest temperature or defrost table to melt chocolate and make delicious chocolate.


The dough


Place dough that needs to ferment in an electric oven and adjust the temperature to a minimum to make the dough as soon as possible.Now many ovens have set up special fermentation function, will be more convenient.


Dry food


The food such as melon seed, biscuit is placed in the home after period of time can become moist, not only affect taste, and the store time that affects food seriously, and household electric oven turns over heat dehumidification, can be dried afresh become the state when we just bought.Tasty and healthy.