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The main structural features of powder packaging machine

Sep 27, 2018

Powder automatic packing machine adopts full stainless steel material, use the bag packaging mode, suitable for all kinds of multi-layer composite membrane, single layer made of materials such as PE, PP bag, paper bag, conform to the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, ensure food hygiene and safety, PLC controller, display, operation is easy to learn, through the different way of discharge, can be used in liquid and sauce, particles, powder, irregular lumps materials such as packaging.


Main structure features of powder automatic packaging machine:

The machine integrates electromechanics, adopts microcomputer to control the optronic tracking and rectifying system, is equipped with high-precision stepper motor to precisely locate the same position of each packing pattern, and the control system completes the whole synchronization, fixed length, positioning and speed.The bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, sealing and cutting are easy to tear, separable and connectable, and output finished products are all done automatically.The equipment is reasonable in structure, simple in operation, stable in quality and beautiful in appearance.