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The measuring principle of powder making bag packing machine

Jun 19, 2019

Powder system bag packaging machine measurement principle: first, the mainstream measurement method for screw filling measurement, its essence is volume measurement, a simple example, if the screw rotation, down a gram of material, 100 turns is 100g.And so on.Two, weighing measurement method, here the screw mainly plays the blanking role, a large and a small two screw, respectively play the role of coarse feeding and fine feeding, the main purpose of large screw coarse feeding to ensure the blanking speed, small screw fine feeding to ensure the blanking accuracy.As a simple example, take the packing of ten kilograms of powder materials as an example, the feeding of large screw will stop until the target value of weighing sensor is about 9.5 kilograms, and the feeding of small screw will stop until 10 kilograms.