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The technical parameters and technical characteristics of the cookies are introduced

May 22, 2018

1. Technical parameters

Size: 1380 * 980 * 1180 mm

Voltage: 220 v

Power: 1.5 KW

Weight: 450 kg

Tray size: 600*400mmcookies forming machine.png

Production: 100~150 kg/h

2. Equipment advantages

The LCD touch panel, PLC control and servo motor are used in the transmission part.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, easy to clean.

The machine is multi-purpose, easy to disassemble and install, and can quickly replace the nozzle, which is suitable for both production and small quantity.

It can make all kinds of lamination products such as Jenny cookie.

It is equipped with a wire cutting mechanism to make chip cookies.

It can rotate, perfect instead of artificial twist, improve product precision and yield.

We can make all kinds of color cookies, cookies, puffs, macarons and egg yolks.

It is equipped with safety devices to prevent accidents.