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The technological process and technical advantages of the production line of two-color twist cookie machine are introduced

Oct 19, 2018

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This device has 4 kinds of feeding system to choose from, which can present 2 kinds of raw materials of different colors or tastes at the same time, which has a great breakthrough and improvement on the scale and taste of the cookies.

The device has an independent jam trap system, and buyers are free to choose what they want

Each device has four different configurations: a twist cookie, a wire-cut cookie, a filling cookie, and a long strip cookie.

Beat a variety of and varied abrasive tools, can give a lot of different beautiful shapes, the diversity that realizes product kind, also can choose freely according to need.

The equipment can go out 6 rows or 9 rows or 15 rows at a time, and select suitable specifications and models according to the production requirements of the customer or the width of the tunnel furnace.