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The treatment method of partial fault of bread wake and hair chamber

Jul 18, 2019

Bread hair room prone to failure is the location of the water tank, including the water tank inside the unit and the unit outside the tank.The water tank in the unit is composed of water tank, humidifying electric heat pipe and water inlet.Because the humidified electric heat pipe is absolutely not dry burning, otherwise, the humidified electric heat pipe is burned out.Causes the bread to wake up the insufficient indoor humidity, the bread surface is dry.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the water inlet is not blocked and the water can enter the tank smoothly.Before electrification, the water level of the inner water tank must be higher than the humidifying electric heat pipe.(during normal operation, the water level is automatically controlled by the water level of the outer water tank) the inner water tank shall be cleaned regularly with scale, and the cleaning time can be determined according to the local water quality.