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The use of planetary agitators

Sep 12, 2019

Planetary mixer is a new type, multi-function homogenizer, is also a kind of chemical machinery, its cylinder wall for the large vertical car finishing processing, and then through the large polishing machine automatic polishing, to ensure that the activities on the planetary shelf in rotation, the cylinder wall material completely scrape off;This machine is especially suitable for paste, high viscosity, high density material dissolution, mixing, mixing, polymerization and so on.

The double planet agitator is a new and efficient agitator developed on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad.The equipment is composed of low speed agitator and high speed dispersing device, which has good mixing, reaction, dispersing and dissolving effect, especially suitable for solid-liquid, liquid-liquid dispersing and mixing.Due to its great output torque, it is especially suitable for products with high viscosity, such as adhesives, silica gel, lithium battery pastes, etc.At the same time, the device has the function of scraping wall and bottom, no dead Angle, no residue.