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The whole process of pie machine production

Dec 27, 2018

1, the internal stuffing: sugar, water, salad oil in a small pot of fire boil until water saccharification off the fire, add glutinous rice flour and sesame mix, this is a good internal stuffing, will be very sticky hand, mix with a shovel and then flatten, put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to freeze the skin.Knead the crust and pastry separately and roll well.Let sit for 15 minutes.


2, flour production: with flour mixer and flour, with automatic flour press


3. Use the pie machine of Shanghai mooha pastry machine factory to shape and make the pie blank.


4, all the pie machine out of the shape of the cake blank into the baking tray, slightly pressed flat.Make small holes in it with a fork.


5. Brush egg liquid on the surface, dip white sesame seeds into the preheated oven of 190 degrees, fire the middle layer for 25-30 minutes, and bake the surface golden.


6, bake the surface can be golden.


7, baked, really crisp delicious.


8, look at the stuffing, imagine, not the crust crisp.