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There are three main problems in the use of traditional Chinese medicine crusher and their solutions

Mar 14, 2019

In the context of the rapid development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry with favorable environment, the market prospect of traditional Chinese medicine crusher is broad, and the number of its manufacturers is gradually increasing. The traditional Chinese medicine crusher is suitable for small traditional Chinese medicine factories, traditional Chinese medicine pharmacies, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and other fields.In addition, with the development of modern automation and intelligent technology, as well as the increasing market demand for traditional Chinese medicine products, many traditional Chinese medicine crushing equipment has been improved and upgraded towards the direction of higher automation, higher work efficiency and simpler operation to further meet the needs of users.


However, users often encounter some problems in the process of using traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer, which affect the production of traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer and product quality.Specifically, there are mainly the following problems, which the author analyzed briefly.


The agglomeration phenomenon in crushing


How to solve the agglomeration phenomenon is a problem that needs to be solved in the process of comminution of traditional Chinese medicine.Dispersants (surfactants) play an important role in the grinding process.If the grinded materials are sufficiently dispersed, agglomeration will not occur and the so-called inverse grinding phenomenon will not occur.Therefore, the appropriate choice of dispersant is an effective way to solve the inverse grinding problem.


Industry reminder, for most materials, the Chinese medicine grinder is not the longer the crushing time, the better the crushing effect.Otherwise, sometimes some materials reach a certain fineness, but it is not easy to crush;Sometimes the particle size of material increases instead.


The decline in output


Many users reported that the output of traditional Chinese medicine crusher decreased after a period of work.What is the reason for this?According to the industry, there are many reasons that lead to the decline in the output of the crusher, such as too much water content of the material, poor discharge of the crusher, inappropriate mesh size, fan configuration and other factors can affect the output of the crusher.


For example, too much moisture in the material will affect the efficiency of the crusher."The material with too much water is not easy to be crushed, and it is easy to block the screen hole, which seriously affects the output of the crusher.The industry says the solution is to dry or dry the material before crushing it.


Clogging of the discharge port will affect the discharging speed of the crusher, resulting in a decline in output.The solution to this situation is to clean the outlet, including comminution of residual materials in the interior, to ensure the smooth of the whole comminution process.


The aperture of the screen is also an important factor to control the particle size.The industry said, grinding required particle size is not the same, should be replaced with different aperture screen, otherwise it will reduce the efficiency of grinding, or produce unqualified particles.On the other hand, the opening rate of the screen affects the filtering speed of the screen, when the opening rate is too small, the efficiency of the grinder will naturally decline.The solution to the decrease of output caused by the aperture size of the screen is to replace the screen with the appropriate aperture and aperture.


In addition, the problem of wind pressure allocation will lead to a decline in production.It is understood that the rotor in the process of running in crusher can indoor form the low pressure area, crushing the material under the influence of atmospheric pressure, not easy to fly out from the crushing chamber, the purpose of the configuration of the differential is also the outside of the crushing chamber artificial increase a low pressure area, disappeared shatter inside and outside differential pressure, material discharging speed lift up naturally.The solution is to configure a reasonable fan for the crusher.


Bearing overheating


Many users in the operation of traditional Chinese medicine crusher will occur bearing overheating, this situation is a normal phenomenon?


It is understood that there are many reasons for the overheating of the bearing. For example, when the two bearing bearings are uneven, or the rotor of the motor is different from the rotor of the crusher, the bearing will be impacted by the additional load, thus causing the bearing to overheat.In this case, to immediately stop troubleshooting, in order to avoid early bearing damage.


"Bearing lubricating oil too much, too little or aging is also the main cause of bearing overheating and damage, should be in accordance with the requirements of the book on time and quantitative lubricating oil, general lubrication account for 70% to 80% of the bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer.So said the industry.


In addition, when the bearing cover and shaft fit too tight, bearing and shaft fit too tight or too loose will lead to overheating bearing.Once this kind of problem occurs, in the operation of the equipment, there will be a sound of friction and obvious oscillation.At this time, the machine should be stopped to remove the bearing, repair the friction part, and then reassemble as required.