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There are two factors that affect the quality of labeling

May 13, 2019

In the practical application of adhesive automatic labeling machine, because of the labeling process belongs to the terminate link of the process of product packaging, stickers of quality is directly related to the appearance of the product image and marketing, labeling of high precision, good printing effect, label level not wrinkle, no bubbles is the product of symbol, otherwise would reduce intangible products.

The industry said that only the mechanical structure of the equipment design is reasonable, all kinds of regular wiring, parts of the structure is stable, mechanical and electrical quality is excellent, in order to ensure that the machine in the long-term high load of normal operation.Speed and stability are the key factors affecting the quality of the label.

Among them, in the stability, only to ensure the stability, so that the equipment can long-term stable operation, in order to reduce the user's maintenance costs, meet the user's reasonable production requirements, for the manufacturer to bring quality assurance, the leap in output.

In terms of speed, the manufacturer should be based on their own requirements, combined with the front of the production line to decide the choice of adhesive automatic labeling machine speed, comprehensive consideration can be matched to achieve true matching, rationalization, unification.