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Three advantages of vacuum frying machine for fruit and vegetable crisp

Aug 08, 2019

Color protection: using vacuum frying, frying temperature is greatly reduced, and the oxygen concentration in the deep fryer is also greatly reduced.Fried food is not easy to fade, color, brown, can maintain the color of the raw material itself.For example, apple slices are easily browned by heat and can be kept green if Fried in vacuum.

Aroma protection: use vacuum frying, raw materials in a sealed vacuum state is heated.Most of the flavor components in the raw materials are water-soluble, which do not dissolve in the oil. And with the dehydration of the raw materials, these flavor components are further concentrated.Therefore, vacuum frying technology can well preserve the flavor of raw materials.

Reduce the deterioration degree of oil: the deterioration of frying oil includes oxidation, polymerization and thermal decomposition.In the process of vacuum frying, the oil is in the state of negative pressure, and the dissolved gas in the oil spills out quickly, resulting in a small pressure of water vapor and a low frying temperature. Therefore, the deterioration degree of the oil is greatly reduced.From these three aspects, it can be seen that low-temperature frying equipment is safer, healthier and has lower oil content than high-temperature frying equipment.