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Use and maintenance of anode mould bakeware

Apr 16, 2018


Anodic oxidation effect: 

because in the baking mold material aluminum alloy in the surface in the air naturally generated a very thin layer of oxide film, thickness of 0.01 0.05 micron in natural oxidation film while it is possible to prevent the continuation of aluminium and aluminium alloy corrosion, however, as a result of the action of surface corrosion factor to each branch office, the oxide film is porous uneven corrosion resistance is not strong, easily stained smear, so need to use artificial method in aluminium and aluminium alloy surface form a protective layer of oxide film, namely anode decoration oxide that is to say, anodic oxidation only play a protective role, usually the thickness of the oxide film in 10 to 15 microns.

How to use anodized baking mould: 

before using the newly purchased anode baking mould, it should be cleaned with cotton cloth and dried with warm fire before being used for oil.


Anode baking mold maintenance method:

each time after baking finish, with a soft cloth or plastic scraper to remove the residual material utensils to use after a period of time, had better use warm water, add a small amount of neutral detergent residue thoroughly with a soft cloth to clean again Should take put up and down when using, avoid to cause oxidation film wear or scratch Please do not use sharp metal product in normal use Microfiber cloth and chemical cleaner is wiped, also don't use direct flame heating Do not macerate in cargo detergents in the water too long, try to avoid the collision of the friction caused by careless operation, anodization layer caused by wear or scratch Anode surface under the condition of long time of high and low temperature disparity, will produce tiny cracks caused by residual anode material erosion surface, eventually lose the anode and the anode surface features.

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