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Use of ice making machines

Nov 22, 2018

The production speed of ice - making machine is critical.Take the milk tea shop for example. During the outbreak of cold drinks in summer, almost every cup of milk tea needs three to four blocks of ice, and the consumption of ice is huge.Commercial ice - making machines need to meet these catering enterprises for a short period of large amounts of ice, they need to speed up production.It is reported that there are manufacturers for the ice - making machine installed space - separated ice evaporator, this evaporator refrigeration efficiency is higher, can increase the amount of ice production.


It is also worth mentioning that for some shop areas, the passenger flow within a day is obviously different.For example, in the milk tea shop around the school, during the peak time of Chinese dinner, the owner often needs to reserve some ice cubes in advance. Whether the ice cube melts or not is closely related to the heat preservation effect of the ice maker.It is reported that in order to enhance the insulation effect of ice making machine at present, some enterprises try to add stainless steel polyurethane foam on the evaporator, the box body USES fluorine-free foaming as the insulation layer, pipes also use heat preservation treatment equipment, promoting the thermal insulation effect of equipment.


The ice maker produces edible ice, which is often added directly to food, so there are also food safety concerns.Generally speaking, ice making machine has two aspects of food safety hazards. One is that the water tank at the water inlet may produce scale and fungus if the water is accumulated for a long time. Some merchants try to use the floating ball water inlet system in the water tank, which can guarantee the absence of residual water to a large extent.Another is that water flows through the pipes may leave behind scale, and ice storage tanks are in contact with people, so it is usually recommended that all parts of the ice maker be cleaned every two weeks.


Take the ice machine that the milk tea shop can often touch. The author once saw a clerk break the ice cube with a shovel after the ice machine produced ice.This phenomenon may be caused by the ice machine itself on the water control;There may also be problems with the compressor, the discharge of high pressure hot gas is not enough or uneven.Specific problems need further investigation and repair.In addition, in order to enhance the production safety of ice making machine, most ice making machine manufacturers have equipped ice full and water shortage automatic reminder and shutdown device, so that users can timely understand the production status of ice making machine.