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Use of pastry machine dough sheeter

Apr 23, 2019

The pastry machine is fully automated by computer, and the machine is equipped with human-computer interaction panel, on which the operator can debug the production data of the machine.A special feature on the panel is the emergency stop button, which can prevent production accidents to a certain extent and ensure production safety.

Machine rolling surface has three processes, the first rolling surface will be pressed to moderate thickness of the dough, the second rolling surface using the method of beating will be further thin dough rolling, the third rolling surface will again on the thickness of the dough for adjustment, and will be pressed into production required specifications.Machine pressure surface strength and way imitation handmade rolling surface, made of dough smooth tenacity, as well as manual rolling.

Pastry rolling machine and food contact parts are in line with the food safety standards of stainless steel, reduce food safety risks.The machine is equipped with conveyor belt before and after, which can realize automatic feeding and automatic discharging, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.In addition, the bottom of the rolling machine is also equipped with a universal wheel, mobile and flexible, convenient production.