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Vacuum food packaging machine promotes the development of food snacks

Mar 05, 2019

As we know, in the food industry, vacuum packaging is widely used for all kinds of cooked products, marinated products and leisure snacks, such as marinated chicken, ham, pickled pepper chicken feet and so on.And local snacks such as hot and sour powder, the powder of snails, because of tunnels is very exquisite flavor, at the same time is not easy to save, and by vacuum packaging machine will be sealed in a plastic cup, etc. Packing material (paper), long after vacuum packaging of food freshness, greatly extend the food container, to ensure that the product fresh flavor, let consumer eat at ease.


In addition, it is also important to keep the original flavor and taste of local snacks such as sour and spicy noodles and snail noodles, so that the products can be eaten safely, healthily and nutritionally, which is just in line with the current market consumption upgrade.With instant noodles roughly the same, hot and sour powder, snails and other local snacks have a lot of independent packaging, including noodles package, pickled cabbage package, beef package, seasoning package, dry vegetables package.In order to fully retain the original flavor and taste of local snacks such as sour and spicy noodles and snail noodle, a certain enterprise adopted freeze-drying technology to retain the original nutrition of the food and restore the original taste of the food.


At present, there are a lot of freeze-dried food on the market, such as jujube, apple, sweet apricot and other kinds of fruit, as well as a variety of vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, okra, and so on, as well as freeze-dried noodles, red dates, xianglian tremella soup, freeze-dried pet food and so on.Because of vacuum freeze-drying technology can put the fresh food immediately frozen to minus 40 ℃, the icy food sublimate to gas by vacuum dewatering technology, no damage to the original organizational structure, can keep food color, aroma, taste and shape, and more than 95% of the nutrients, utmost ground keep food original taste flavor.


Food quality problem is the "door of life" of an enterprise. Once a product quality problem occurs, it will not only affect the image and reputation of the enterprise, but also affect the development of the whole industry.Therefore, hot and sour powder, snails and other local snack processing enterprises to strictly control the quality of their own products, especially in ensuring the quality of food safety at the same time, but also to retain the original flavor of characteristic snacks, so that their own companies can stand in the market storm, in order to make the enterprise sustainable and healthy development.