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What factors should be taken into account when selecting labelling machine

Oct 17, 2018

1. As far as applicable label is concerned: the label applicable to the adhesive labeling machine is different from the label applicable to the paste labeling machine. The former USES non-drying adhesive materials, while the label applicable to the paste labeling machine is paper.


2. In terms of the appearance and feeling after labeling, it is better to use non-drying adhesive of course, because the label is usually printed on coated paper, some of which are covered with film. It feels brighter and the packaging grade should be higher.


3. In terms of production cost, the cost of sticker label is higher, but the price of sticker label machine is lower.The cost of paper label is lower, and the price of paste label machine is higher.


4. As far as production efficiency is concerned, the use efficiency of the adhesive labelling machine is higher, and the production efficiency of the paste labelling machine is lower.


In conclusion, customers can choose according to their own products.If the product output is large and the market price is low and the profit is thin, in order to save cost and enhance competitiveness, it is better to choose the paste labeling machine.If the customer wants the label after the product to show more upscale, or choose the sticker machine more appropriate.