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About The Practice Of Egg Filling Cake And The Use Of Egg Filling Machine

May 28, 2018

Egg filling:

Dough: 200g flour, 2g salt, 120g water

Pastry: 30g flour, 20g salad oil

Stuffing: 3 eggs, 1 gram salt, 1 chive

1. Flour mixed with salt, slowly pour into the water, knead into a soft dough, cover with plastic wrap or a wet cloth woke up half an hour (with a little salt, knead dough is not only the muscles, also let the dough has a basic salty.No need to heat water or warm water, cold water will do, and good dough will be as soft as earlobes, but will not stick to your hands.Be soft. This is the first thing to notice.

2. When the dough is awake, mix the ingredients of the pastry (the pastry should not be too thin, so it is not easy to wrap and extrude when rolling;The pastry is too thick and tastes bad. The amount of flour in general is a little more than that of oil.The consistency of the pastry should be appropriate, so it is easy to layer the cake, which is conducive to filling the eggs, which is the second point of attention.

3 eggs into the container, according to the salt taste, add chopped green onion stir (eggs best play at one end have pointed mouth container is more convenient to fill into the cake) and good dough into four portions (divided into a few optional)

4. Apply oil to the breadboard and hands, knead the dough into a circle, roll out a piece of dough and put on the pastry.

5. Wrap the pastry into a quadrilateral shape and squeeze the closure tightly.Close down, cover with wet cloth and rest for 10 minutes.

Use of egg filling machine:

1. Turn on the emergency stop switch, set the temperature (the temperature is generally controlled at around 170 degrees), and start heating the machine.

2. When the machine reaches a constant temperature, it can be operated.Put the eggs into the middle of the lower mould, press the start button, start the machine, and the mould will press down automatically. Wait for a few seconds.

3. The upper mould will rise automatically and take out the pressed egg douche.

4. Put in the next facial embryo.

5. The egg-filled cake made by the machine is thick and even, with good taste, no lace and large foaming.